Have you ever wondered how a lower-priced product will perform against a higher-priced one? Or how about whether a one-week free trial converts better than a three-day free trial? Experiments allow you to answer questions like these by A/B testing two offerings in your app and analyzing the full subscription lifecycle to understand which variant is producing more value for your business.

Plus, by attaching metadata to your offerings and programming your paywall to be responsive to it, you can remotely test any aspect of your paywall.


Experiments is available to Pro & Enterprise customers. [Learn more about pricing here](πŸ”—ο»Ώ).

## Next Steps

  • If you're just getting started, make sure your app is ready to use [experiments ](πŸ”—ο»Ώ)ο»Ώ

  • If you've not yet created an Offering for your test hypothesis, [check out our guide to get started ](πŸ”—ο»Ώ)ο»Ώ

  • For instructions on how to set up an experiment in your project, read our [guide on configuring experiments ](πŸ”—ο»Ώ)ο»Ώ

  • Once the data from your experiment starts trickling in, learn how to [interpret the results ](πŸ”—ο»Ώ)ο»Ώ