RevenueCat provides SDK's and integrations for <<glossary:Apple Platforms>> to make in-app purchase and subscription development simple. Use these resources to take full advantage of all RevenueCat has to offer for Apple Platforms.

If you're looking for sample apps, head over to our [Sample Apps](🔗) doc.

# App Extensions

  • [iOS App Extensions ](🔗) _How to use the Purchases SDK with widgets, etc._

# App Store Connect

  • [Setting up iOS Subscription Offers ](🔗) _Includes Free Trials, Offer Codes, and more_

  • [Setting up App Store Service Credentials ](🔗) _Required_

  • [Setting up Apple Server-to-Server Notifications ](🔗) _Optional, but recommended to speed up webhooks and integration events_

  • [Apple App Privacy Disclosures ](🔗) _How to fill out the disclosures required as of December 8, 2020_

  • [App Store Small Business Program ](🔗)

  • [Apple Family Sharing](🔗)

# Apple Search Ads

  • [Setting up Apple Search Ads Attribution ](🔗)

# Non-Subscription Purchases

  • [Using RevenueCat with Non-Subscription Purchases ](🔗)

# Migrations

  • [Migrating Subscriptions from Existing Setup ](🔗)

  • [SwiftyStoreKit Migration ](🔗)