Our Mestre

Mestre Marcelo Caveirinha

mestre marcello

Mestre Marcelo Pereira was born in São Paulo in 1959. He was introduced to Capoeira on the streets and at age 14 was referred to one of the most famous masters, Mestre Suassuna, co‐founder of “Associação  de Capoeira Cordão de Ouro,” known today as CDO. Mestre Marcelo obtained the grade of Mestre under pupillage of Mestre Suassuna. He has been teaching Capoeira and promoting Brazilian culture at an international level for over 30 years. In 1984 he settled in Oakland where he founded his own school, Associação de Capoeira Senzala Grande, as one of only three practitioners teaching Capoeira in the United States. His group became formally known as Capoeira Mandinga in 1995.

Mestre Marcelo is also known for his contribution to the creation one of the most favourite video game characters of all times, Eddy Gordo, who features Capoeira in the video game Tekken 3.

Mestre is the founder of The Capoeira Institute, a non‐profit component aimed at “facilitat[ing] and promot[ing] the education of the general public about Capoeira and the many other diverse aspects of Brazilian culture such as dances, arts, folklore, games, customs and rituals.” The institute fulfills its mandate by “promot[ing] cultural exchange between the United States, Brazil and other countries emphasizing both the creation of opportunities in Capoeira as well as developing an understanding of Capoeira and other Brazilian related activities for the underserved segments of society, especially disadvantaged youth.”

我们的大师 Marcelo Caveirinha



马赛罗大师也因曾经参与电动游戏《铁拳3》中人物艾迪(Eddy Gordo)的武打动作设计而享有盛名。

马赛罗大师发起并创建了非盈利性的公益组织“巴西战舞研究院”,意于“向社会大众普及巴西战舞,并将丰富的巴西文化,舞蹈,艺术,民俗,传统以及哲学思想推广开来”。该研究院奉行一贯宗旨,致力于“加强美巴两国的文化交流,深化巴西与其它世界各国的文化交流,为巴西战舞的推广普及创造机会,在社会各阶层深化对 巴西战舞以及相关的巴西文化的认同,关注青年以及弱势群体的发展”。