Agencies: ready to join the RevenueCat Partner Program?

The newly launched program showcases your expertise, unlocks additional revenue, provides co-marketing support, and more.

Agencies: ready to join the RevenueCat Partner Program?
Truman So

Truman So

April 12, 2023

Today, we’re pleased to officially announce our Agency Partner Program! Providing development and growth agencies with the tools and support you need to help your clients succeed with mobile subscriptions.

Our agency partner community already consists of over 25 agencies across 13 countries who have helped more than 60 customers build and grow with RevenueCat.

The mobile subscriptions market is growing. According to, worldwide app revenue grew by 8% in 2022, while in the US it grew by 16%. This growth showcases the resilience of the subscription business model, even in the face of the challenges seen in other corners of the tech industry. What is clear from the data is that there is an enormous growth opportunity for mobile businesses to take advantage of recurring revenue models — and more mobile businesses than ever will be looking for easy and frictionless ways to implement recurring subscriptions.

We explore this data further in our blog: Is localization the next great growth opportunity for subscription apps? >>

One of the aims of our Partner Program is to help agencies, like yours, fulfill this growing demand by making subscriptions easy for your clients.

“Subscription handling is one of the hardest parts of any mobile product nowadays. It’s really hard to build your solution to handle the subscriptions, to evaluate their performance, and to experiment with them. That’s why we always recommend our clients to use RevenueCat. There isn’t any other solution to satisfy all of our needs: a common base for all platforms; a tool to analyze; and a tool to experiment.”

Mykyta Kopyltsov, Head of Growth Services at Applica

Find out how Applica partnered with RevenueCat to grow a client’s ARPU by 52% >>

Agencies joining the program can enjoy a bunch of benefits, such as:

  • Expert certification that shows potential clients that you’re both an expert in mobile subscriptions and the RevenueCat platform.
  • Recurring referral revenue, allowing you to earn additional revenue by doing what you already do: providing clients with the best solutions for their needs.
  • Co-marketing and co-selling opportunities, to help you reach a new audience and grow your business.
  • Hands-on support, from technical assistance with RevenueCat implementation, to guidance on day-to-day growth efforts.

One of our program launch partners, Very Good Ventures, recently worked with V1 Sports to rebuild their app from the ground up, using Google’s cross-platform Flutter framework and RevenueCat to handle subscriptions and other in-app purchases.

“Very Good Ventures and RevenueCat did a really good job of making sure that there was plenty of time for us to collaborate… Trying to do everything electronically, in a written form, just never works. You really need that face time. That was another really key aspect of this success. Everybody worked hard to develop relationships with one another.”

Michael Boumansour, CTO at V1 Sports

At RevenueCat, it’s our core mission to help developers make more money. And as easy as we strive to make the RevenueCat platform, developers will continue to rely on agencies for additional support, filling knowledge or resource gaps.

This is why it’s so important for us to help partners provide the best possible experience for their clients. The better we support our partners, the more apps – and their users – will reap the benefits of the subscription business model.

For more information or to sign up to the Partner Program, visit

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